Patrick Gilbride

Research Intern

Patrick Gilbride joined the POLIS team in January 2012 as a research intern, providing writing and communications consulting support.

Dana Holtby, BA, MA

Water Research and Special Projects Coordinator

Dana Holtby joined the Water Sustainability Project in January 2017 as its Water Research and Special Projects Coordinator.

Heather Johnstone

Former Research and Administrative Assistant

Heather Johnstone was part of the POLIS team from October 2002 to September 2003 in the capacity of Research and Administrative Assistant.

Natasha Kisilevsky

Former Research Assistant

Natasha Kisilevsky came on board with POLIS as a first-year law student at UVic from May to August 2004 to assist with the Water Sustainability Project.

Robin Lattimer, BA(H)

Volunteer—Communications & Project Support

Robin Lattimer worked at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project in the summer of 2013, offering communications and project support.

Tony Maas

Former Research Associate

Tony Maas joined the POLIS Water Sustainability Project in March 2003.

Adam Mjolsness

Research Assistant

Adam Mjolsness joined POLIS Water Sustainability Project as a research assistant in 2003.