Jonathen Bewley

Work Study Student

Jonathen Bewley is a Geography and Environmental Studies student at the University of Victoria.

German Ocampo

Work Study Student

[email protected]

German Ocampo has supported both local and international community-based projects gaining expertise in community organizing, effective communication, and advocacy.

Zoë Barrett-Wood


Zoë Barrett-Wood joined the Water Sustainability Project as a summer intern from July to August 2009 to research the opportunities and challenges of urban rainwater harvesting.

Alyssa Boky


Alyssa Boky is a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Victoria with an interest in applying business knowledge to create sustainable work environments.

Rachelle Bowen

Summer Student in Water Ethics and Watershed Governance

Rachelle was a summer student with the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance from May to September 2016.

Savannah Carr-Wilson

Law and Policy Researcher

Savannah Carr-Wilson joined the POLIS Water Sustainability Project in February 2015, and brings an interest in water conservation, law, and governance.

Thomas Cinnamon

Communications & Research Assistant

Thomas is completing an undergraduate degree in Physical Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.

Shawn Courtney

Research Assistant

Shawn Courtney worked as a research assistant at the Water Sustainability Project from June to September 2009.

Brad Densmore

Communications Intern

Brad Densmore joined the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance in September 2010 and provides communications support to the Water Sustainability Project, articulating and disseminating policy research and providing capacity for outreach and engagement.

Sarah Dickie

Former Research Assistant

Sarah Dickie joined the POLIS team for a term position from June to September 2007, with some of her work focusing on the Water Sustainability Project.

Alicia Fall

Work Study Student

Alicia joined the WSP in January 2016 to provide communications and research support through a work study position at the University of Victoria.