Benjamin Perrier

Postdoctoral Researcher

[email protected]

Ben has a university degree in public law and philosophy. He has been a classroom instructor in the Czech Republic and France, a journalist and editor of economic and sports magazines in Switzerland and the Alps, and a doctoral student in Grenoble/Geneva. Since 2018, he has been based at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Global Studies as a scientific research collaborator in the Borders in Globalization research program. In this framework, he is developing research on new ways of thinking about the legal construction of international borders. Ben also has affiliations with the POLIS Water Sustainability Project and the Water, Innovation, and Global Governance (WIGG) Lab, where he conducts research on transboundary water governance between Canada and the United States with a  focus on the process of modernizing the Columbia River Treaty. Ben believes that the transnational governance of waters and transboundary basins may be one of the most promising ways to respond to ecosystemic logics and future challenges, even if it requires constitutional, administrative, and diplomatic reforms.