Core Team

Kelly Bannister

Water Ethics & Values Initiative

[email protected]

Dr. Kelly Bannister is Co-Director of the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance and heads the Water Ethics and Cross Cultural Values Initiative at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project.

German Ocampo

Work Study Student

[email protected]

German Ocampo has supported both local and international community-based projects gaining expertise in community organizing, effective communication, and advocacy.


Jesse Baltutis

Research Associate, Transboundary Governance

[email protected]

Jesse Baltutis joined the POLIS Water Sustainability Project in November 2011 as its Water Policy and Governance Project Coordinator.

David B. Brooks

Research Associate, Water Conservation & The Water Soft Path

[email protected]

David advises several Canadian non-governmental organizations on Canadian and international issues related to fresh water.

Randy Christensen

Research Associate, Water Law & Policy

Randy Christensen is a lawyer with a focus on water law and policy, qualified to practice in the United States and Canada.

Kirk Stinchcombe

Research Associate, Water Conservation & The Water Soft Path

[email protected]

Kirk Stinchcombe is a founding partner and sustainability specialist with Econics, a company that works with water service providers to help them set rates, control water demand, forecast revenue, manage their infrastructure, and sustain their watersheds.