Robin Lattimer, BA(H)

Volunteer—Communications & Project Support

Robin Lattimer worked at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project in the summer of 2013, offering communications and project support.

Tony Maas

Former Research Associate

Tony Maas joined the POLIS Water Sustainability Project in March 2003.

Adam Mjolsness

Research Assistant

Adam Mjolsness joined POLIS Water Sustainability Project as a research assistant in 2003.

Ben Parfitt

Research Associate—Water-Energy Nexus

Ben Parfitt is a long-time researcher and writer, specializing in natural resource management issues.

Ellen Reynolds

Former Communications Director

Ellen Reynolds joined the Water Sustainability Project at POLIS as communications director in April 2004 after completing the Harvey Southam Graduate Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at UVic.

Ellie Stephenson

Former Research/Administrative Assistant

Ellie Stephenson joined the POLIS team for a term from May to September 2009 while completing the final year of her BA in Environmental Studies and English.

Elizabeth Wheaton

Former Secretary and Administrator

Elizabeth (Liz) Wheaton provided secretarial and administrative support for all POLIS (and its predecessor, the Eco-Research Chair of Environmental Law & Policy) activities from October 1996 to February 2004, at which time she moved to UVic’s Law School.

Jennifer Wong, BA(Hon)

Former Communications Coordinator

Jennifer Wong worked with the POLIS project from May 2008 to June 2009, after completing an undergraduate in Political Science that focused on the politics of fresh water at the University of Victoria.

Kathy Zaletnik

Former Research Assistant

Kathy Zaletnik joined the POLIS Water Sustainability team in 2005 after having completed a Master of Science in Water and Environmental Planning at the University of Toronto.

Ann Zurbrigg, BA, MA

POLIS Administrator & Office Manager

Ann Zurbrigg joined the POLIS Project in March 2006 and provides the general administrative and bookkeeping support on a part time basis.