Rod Dobell

Emeritus Professor of Public Policy, University of Victoria

[email protected]

Rod Dobell has been an associate of the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance since 2002, and is the Academic and Policy Advisor to the POLIS Water Sustainability Project. The past few years, his research has focused on regional oceans governance, and costal and marine spatial planning through the Centre for Global Studies, the Centre for Co-operative and Community-Based Economy, and the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance at the University of Victoria. Rod has a PhD in economics from MIT and taught economic theory at Harvard for five years before returning to Canada as Professor of Political Economy at the University of Toronto. Subsequently, he alternated academic work with executive appointments at the Government of Canada, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and as President of the Institute for Research in Public Policy. He returned to the University of Victoria to take up the Francis G. Winspear Chair for Research in Public Policy, and is now a Professor Emeritus of Public Policy and Senior Research Associate at the University of Victoria’s Centre for Global Studies.