Water Data Management for Regional Community-Based Water Monitoring Groups

What: Online Webinar

Date: October 18th, 2021

The Collaborative Monitoring Initiative (CMI) designed this webinar on water data management and sharing to provide introductory information to the Healthy Watersheds Initiative Regional Water Monitoring Cohort and other groups with similar aspirations, and to assist in “raising the bar” on how these groups manage their water-related data for use in decision-making.


Ian Sharpe (CMI Strategic Advisor)
Janice Sharpe (Senior Director, Natural Resources Canada)
Sonia Trentin (Manager, Data Integration, Federal Geospatial Platform)
Tarik Dessouki (Director, Environmental and Climate Monitoring, BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy)
Rob Williams (Unit Head, Data & Systems Management, BC Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy)
Santiago Botero (Applied Innovation and Technology Manager, Living Lakes Canada – Columbia Basin Water Hub)
Allison Oliver (Aquatic Ecologist, Skeena Fisheries Commission)

Moderated by Ania Javorski (CMI Coordinator)

Download webinar summary.


Recorded October 18th, 2021 as part of the Collaborative Monitoring Initiative (CMI) webinar series–a partnership between the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, and the BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative and Watersheds BC, both of which are projects of MakeWay.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, about five minutes of Tarik Dessouki’s presentation are missing from the video.


Webinar Summary