Water Data Management: Planning & Sharing

What: Collaborative Monitoring Initiative (CMI) Webinar

Date: January 18th, 2022

The Collaborative Monitoring Initiative designed this webinar on water data management planning and sharing to provide introductory information to the regional water monitoring cohort and other groups with similar aspirations. Participants gained knowledge and insights about developing monitoring information and distributing it so that it is trusted by decision-makers.

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Nikki Kroetsch (Community Engagement Coordinator, DFO Pacific Science Enterprise Centre) presented on her new guidebook and templateImproving Environmental Monitoring Collaborations Through Co-development of Data Management Plans.

Lindsay Day (Program Manager, DataStream) and Mary Kruk (Water Data Specialist) presented on the new Pacific DataStream that the Gordon Foundation would like to initiate in B.C. and the Yukon.


The Collaborative Monitoring Initiative (CMI) is a partnership between the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, and the BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative and Watersheds BC, both of which are projects of MakeWay. It aims to improve outcomes for B.C. watersheds by connecting environmental monitoring initiatives and data management programs to support science and inform decision-making. It provides direct support to Indigenous and non-Indigenous regional collaborative initiatives and creates a community of practice for collaborative water monitoring in B.C. CMI learns from regional monitoring groups to inform and scale up a provincial program which ensures vertical integration and alignment between regional, provincial and federal initiatives.

Webinar Summary