Stepping Stones to Watershed Governance: New Tools & Services to Strengthen Decision-Making in B.C.

What: Creating a Blue Dialogue Webinar

Date: May 21st, 2019

Time: 9:30 to 11am PT

Cost: Free

Across B.C. climate impacts are being felt, first and foremost, in the water. So, it is incredibly important that we have the right local skills, relationships, and processes in place to make decisions and resolve conflicts about how to use and manage water.

Marking the release of the new Handbook for Water Champions: Strengthening Decision-Making and Collaboration for Healthy Watersheds, this webinar will explore new tools, services, and practical solutions for anyone working to advance watershed governance initiatives in their region. It is intended for local groups, collaborative organizations, and Indigenous and Crown governments seeking to better understand watershed governance.

Watershed governance is about ensuring local voices and concerns shape decision-making. It’s about ensuring Indigenous jurisdiction is exercised, in coordination with other jurisdictions. When it’s done right, watershed governance can help resolve water problems and conflicts, such as scarcity of water for both human and ecological needs, or water quality degradation resulting from activities on the land.

The speakers will introduce the “Stepping Stones to Watershed Governance” framework, which helps groups strategically assess their progress and impact, and identify their priorities to move forward to gain greater influence and strengthen collaborations. Drawing on real-world examples, they will then focus on one particularly important aspect of successful watershed governance: securing sustainable funding. The speakers will share stories from B.C. watersheds that have experimented with different approaches to generating reliable revenues to support their work.



Natasha Overduin (Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources & POLIS Water Sustainability Project)

Zita Botelho (Sustainable Funding for Watershed Governance Initiative)

Alex Etchell (BC Freshwater Legacy Initiative & Nicola Watershed Governance Project)


Hosted since 2010 by the POLIS Water Sustainability Project at the Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria, the Creating a Blue Dialogue webinar series brings together expert water practitioners and thinkers, as well as emerging water leaders, to engage with innovative ideas on water policy and governance in Canada. By creating an online community of interest, the series strengthens the national capacity to engage with and solve problems, and raises awareness about emerging Canadian water issues, best practices, and policies. The 2018/019 season is being co-hosted by POLIS and the Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN).