Second Annual Water Research Roundup

Date: February 4th, 2021

In this webinar, emerging researchers discuss their work on topics related to freshwater governance, including stewardship, protection, and Indigenous ways of knowing.

Erin Murphy-Mills, a PhD candidate at the University of Waterloo, describes her research on external drivers of eutrophication in the western Lake Erie Basin and the implications for water governance.

Joanne Nelson, a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia, discusses her research on using arts-based methods to engage with urban Indigenous peoples regarding Indigenous ways of knowing and water governance.

Discussant Rod Dobell, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy at the University of Victoria, then offers his reflections and insights on the presentations, bringing his decades of experience working in the academic and civil sectors.

The webinar is hosted and moderated by Laura Brandes, Communications Director at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project.


The Creating a Blue Dialogue webinar series brings together expert water practitioners and thinkers, as well as emerging water leaders, to engage with innovative ideas on water policy and governance in Canada. By creating an online community of interest, the series strengthens the national capacity to engage with and solve problems, and raises awareness about emerging Canadian water issues, best practices, and policies. The series began in 2010 and is hosted by the POLIS Water Sustainability Project at the Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria.