Pooling Water Knowledge: Strengthening B.C.’s Water Monitoring

What: Online Webinar

Date: October 4th, 2017

Hosted by the POLIS Water Sustainability Project and the BC Water Funders Collaborative, this webinar explores different forms and sources of water knowledge. It answers the questions: Why are groups collecting data? What decisions are groups seeking to influence? And what are the challenges and opportunities when we begin to pool water knowledge?

Presenter Anna Warwick Sears (Okanagan Basin Water Board) discusses some of the drivers and motivations behind a recent collaborative initiative to conduct a high-level provincewide scan of water monitoring initiatives in B.C. Carolyn Dubois (The Gordon Foundation) then speaks about opportunities around community-based monitoring efforts; she describes how the Mackenzie DataStream project is partnering with community-based initiatives to support collaboration and evidence-based decision-making throughout the Mackenzie River Basin.


In December 2016, POLIS hosted the webinar “Strengthening Monitoring and Reporting for B.C.’s Waters,” which focused on the theme of shared information for watershed governance. The feedback received during and after that webinar made it clear that there is a strong desire within B.C.’s freshwater community to continue this conversation around water monitoring. This webinar, “Pooling Water Knowledge: Strengthening B.C.’s Water Monitoring,” was part of that continuing conversation.


Webinar Summary