From Pipelines to Dams: Energy Production and B.C.’s Water

What: Online Webinar

Date: September 20th, 2017

This webinar explores the some of the impacts that communities across B.C. experience on their water and watersheds as a result of energy and resource development. Whether these impacts are the result of pipelines, hydraulic fracturing, liquefied natural gas, mining, hydroelectric facilities, or forestry activities (or the cumulative effects of a mix of these activities), the link between water and energy is clear: Without readily available and abundant water, there is no energy development. Yet, with energy development comes negative impacts on our water.

The speakers discuss issues related to enforcement and compliance in the mining sector; the story of how hydraulic fracturing may have impacted groundwater in northeastern B.C.; and the tough realities and trade-offs that rural communities face when big energy development projects move into their watersheds.

Ben Parfitt (Resource Policy Analyst, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
Dr. Gilles Wendling (Founder & Senior Hydrogeologist, GW Solutions)
Shannon McPhail (Co-Founder and Executive Director, Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition)

Webinar Summary