Pooling Shared Information and Knowledge Governance

New Watershed Governance Dispatch Released by POLIS Water Sustainability Project

Published On: December 13th, 2019

Released today, the latest publication in POLIS’ Watershed Governance Dispatch series focuses on pooling shared information and knowledge governance. It highlights examples from across B.C. that demonstrate the characteristics of effective knowledge creation and sharing in action.

“Developing systems to pool, store, manage, and make decisions about data and information is critical to watershed governance,” said Rosie Simms, Research Lead and Project Manager at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project, University of Victoria. “Several examples of innovative approaches to knowledge governance now exist in B.C., and these provide insights to other regions looking to advance this work.”

This new Dispatch illustrates ways that Crown and Indigenous governments, local communities, and industry are collaborating to integrate various forms of water and watershed data.

“This type of collaboration will be crucial for our shared freshwater future,” said Oliver M. Brandes, Director at the POLIS Water Sustainability Project. “To ensure effective watershed management and planning, there must be agreement on how a shared foundation of credible information and knowledge is being built, managed, and made accessible.”

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The Watershed Governance Dispatch series was launched by the POLIS Water Sustainability Project in January 2019, with the first instalment focusing on the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD)’s new Drinking Water and Watershed Protection Service. Each Dispatch links to the ongoing work of the POLIS Water Sustainability Project and the winning conditions for watershed governance outlined in its 2014 report “A Blueprint for Watershed Governance in British Columbia.”

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