Aiki Conflict Resolution Training Lab

POLIS team pursues unique ways to build facilitation skills

Published On: June 11th, 2019

In May, POLIS’ Kelly Bannister, Natasha Overduin, and Rosie Simms donned keikogis at Shawnigan Lake Dojo to join fifth-degree aikido black belt John Petersen Sensei for a special day of aikido-inspired conflict resolution training. Aikido (the “way of harmonizing energy”) is a martial art with a philosophy and practice based on meeting conflict with the power of non-resistance and redirecting it to peaceful and productive outcomes.

The session began with a class on basic aikido principles, followed by exploration of aiki and zen-based conflict resolution and non-violent communication methods. The group is pursuing unique ways to support integrated personal and professional development of mind, body, and spirit with the aim to grow their leadership and facilitation skills for working with diversity.

POLIS’ Kelly Bannister, Rosie Simms, and Natasha Overduin with John Petersen Sensei.