Watershed Security & Governance

Watershed governance is an innovative approach that involves reorganizing and focusing decision-making to better align with ecological boundaries, and addressing ecological health and function to enhance social, community, and ecosystem resilience. Since our project began in 2003, we have played a critical leadership role in developing and advancing both the concept and practice of watershed governance.

Seminal research in At a Watershed: Ecological Governance and Sustainable Water Management in Canada (2005) and A Blueprint for Watershed Governance in British Columbia (2014) built a strong foundation for understanding and progressing institutional, legal, and governance reform. This work set out a strategic 10-year program of reform, outlining the nine “winning conditions” needed to shift how watersheds are governed. These winning conditions are the pillars of our ongoing watershed governance work in B.C. and beyond as we seek to increase capacity and readiness for transforming current approaches to decision-making to ensure a more sustainable and resilient future in the context of unique local priorities and challenges.

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