Watersheds 2014

The three-day forum Watersheds 2014: Towards Watershed Governance in British Columbia and Beyond was held on Cowichan Tribes territory in Duncan, British Columbia from January 27th to 29th, 2014. It attracted nearly 200 delegates, plus over 75 additional virtual participants via online events across the country. The delegates came from a diversity of backgrounds—including watershed groups, researchers, professional resource managers, and decision-makers at all levels of government, including First Nations—and came together to re-envision the way we use, share, and respect our freshwater and watershed resources.

View videos of selected Watersheds 2014 sessions.

Watersheds 2014 Forum Materials

Proceedings, Consensus, and Feedback Summary

This summary of participant feedback outlines what worked, what needed work, and what we learned from hosting the three-day Watersheds 2014 event. This feedback will help inform future watershed governance gatherings.

This consensus document represents the general spirit of common understanding of values, principles, and priorities by those delegates who attended the three-day Watersheds 2014 forum in January 2014. It is supported by a number of organizations which were partners on the event.

The Watersheds 2014 edited proceedings organizes and summarizes the presentations given, questions raised, and discussions held during the forum. This written record is not simply intended as a summary for those who attended Watersheds 2014. It is also designed to be a resource and reference document for anyone researching or working on implementing innovative new decision-making practices and processes within their watershed.

Forum Materials

This is a collection of existing research, reports, and water management and planning tools that were developed by researchers, governments, and water-focused organizations who were partners on the Watersheds 2014 forum. It was given to all forum delegates to provide supplementary readings on watershed governance and selected related themes.

This welcome package was provided to all delegates at Watersheds 2014 and includes information on the various sessions and speakers. It also lists all forum partners and sponsors, and lists all the delegates and members of the core leadership team.


Community Engagement

A presentation by Ryan van der Marel (Living Lakes Canada) and Heather Leschied (Living Lakes Canada)

A presentation by Susi Porter-Bopp (Canadian Freshwater Alliance)

A presentation by Kirsten Harma (Lake Windermere Ambassadors)

A presentation by Tim Morris (Morris Consulting)

A presentation by Sheila Muxlow (WaterWealth Project)

Water Law & BC's Water Act

Successes & Challenges: From the Front Lines of Watershed Governance

A presentation by Jason Alexandra (Murray Darling Basin Authority)

A presentation by Anna Warwick Sears (Okanagan Basin Water Board)

A presentation by Lydia Hwitsum (Cowichan Watershed Board)

Watershed Governance in the Cowichan

A presentation by Rob Hutchins (Cowichan Watershed Board)

A presentation by Larry George (Cowichan Tribes)

A presentation by David Anderson (Cowichan Watershed Board)

Watershed Assessments, Report Cards & Indicators

A presentation by Margot Parkes (University of Northern British Columbia)

A presentation by Barbara Veale (Conservation Halton)

A presentation by Steve Litke (Fraser Basin Council)

A presentation by Tom Rutherford (Department of Fisheries and Oceans)

A presentation by Simon Mitchell (WWF-Canada)

Watershed Governance and Water Attitudes

A presentation by Oliver M. Brandes (POLIS Project) and Angus McAllister (Fathom6 Research)

A presentation by Tony Maas (Maas Strategies)

Watershed Planning

A presentation by Reg Whiten (InterraPlan Inc for City of Dawson Creek, B.C.)

A presentation by Amanada Karst (Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources)

A presentation by Mike Fox (City of Kimberly)

A presentation by Steve Litke (Fraser Basin Council)

A presentation by Madelaine Martin (B.C. Ministry of Community, Sport & Cultural Development)

A presentation by Margaret Birch (City of Coquitlam)

Resilience & Climate Change Adaptation

A presentation by Stephen Tyler (Adaptive Resource Planning Ltd.)

A presentation by Deborah Harford (Adaptation to Climate Change Team)

First Nations & Water Governance

A presentation by Deana Machin (First Nations Fisheries Council)

Water-Use Reporting

A presentation by Anna Warwick Sears (Okanagan Basin Water Board)

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