Academic Advisors

Julia Baird

Assistant Professor, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre/Geography and Tourism Studies, Brock University

Julia Baird is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre and the Department of Geography and Tourism Studies at Brock University.

Deborah Curran

Acting Executive Director, Environmental Law Centre, University of Victoria


[email protected]

Both in research and practice Deborah is engaged in the subjects of water and regional or watershed sustainability.

Rod Dobell

Emeritus Professor of Public Policy, University of Victoria

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Rod Dobell has been an associate of the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance since 2002, and is the Academic and Policy Advisor to the POLIS Water Sustainability Project.

Michael M’Gonigle

Emeritus Professor of Law & Former Eco-Research Chair in Environmental Law and Policy, University of Victoria

Dr. Michael M’Gonigle is the founder of the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance at the University of Victoria.

Michele-Lee Moore

Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria

[email protected]

Michele-Lee Moore is an Assistant Professor in the University of Victoria’s Department of Geography. She joined the POLIS team as a research associate and strategic advisor in September 2012.

Ryan Plummer

Director, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, Brock University

905-688-5550 x4782

[email protected]

Ryan’s multi-faceted program of research broadly concerns the governance of social-ecological systems.