Regional Snapshot Report—Building Capacity to Build Trust: Key Challenges for Water Governance in Relation to Hydraulic Fracturing

October 2015

This report identifies the key water governance challenges specific to hydraulic fracturing across Canada (with a particular focus on British Columbia, New Brunswick, the Northwest Territories, and Nova Scotia) and those knowledge gaps that need to be addressed to resolve such challenges. It emphasizes that the use of water in hydraulic fracturing activity in Canada has not caused, but has certainly illuminated, the fractured nature of existing water governance arrangements. The authors conclude there is an urgent requirement for generative actions that build capacities for accountability, transparency, engaging and co-governing with Indigenous Nations and non-Indigenous communities, and making informed decisions.

The report is based on research undertaken as part of one of five projects within the Canadian Water Network (CWN) hydraulic fracturing program. See CWN's 2015 Water and Hydraulic Fracturing Report for a high level assessment of program activities and identified knowledge gaps.

Michele-Lee Moore, Karena Shaw, and Heather Castleden
with Rosanna Breiddal, Megan Kot, and Mathew Murray

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