The Water Sustainability Project team continues to emphasize a strategic public policy advocacy role and is communicating project research widely.

November 2010
The ambiguity of First Nations land rights under Canadian law effects allocation and water rights regimes of many Provincial Governments. The speakers highlight the legal and practical implications of recognizing First Nations water rights and examine the opportunities it will bring in forming a new, sustainable water ethic in Canada.
October 2010
The WSP's Oliver M. Brandes and Kirk Stinchcombe delivered a webinar on conservation-oriented water pricing as part of the Columbia Basin Trust's Water Smart webinar series.
October 2010
In this webinar, the speakers examined the role of water in our economy, and the economic benefits of a progressive Act in Ontario, highlighting the potential opportunities for provinces and territories across Canada.
September 2010
The first webinar in POLIS' Creating a Blue Dialogue series set the stage for the project by focusing on the historical track record of water policy in the country and on the current momentum in Canadian water policy development.
April 2010
The WSP's Carol Maas delivers a video presentation on the water-energy nexus in Ontario.
January 2010
The WSP's Kirk Stinchcombe presented at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund webinar "Water Pricing as a Tool for Conservation."
September 2007
Oliver M. Brandes presented "Thinking Beyond Pipes & Pumps" at a webinar hosted by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

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