The Water Sustainability Project team continues to emphasize a strategic public policy advocacy role and is communicating project research widely.

November 2012
POLIS and the Adaptation to Climate Change Team co-hosted a webinar that explored how climate change is affecting considerations of risk and how the insurance “tool” can be used for a better resilience outcome.
October 2012
The WSP's Oliver M. Brandes appears on the Environmental Issues episode of Voice of BC, where he asked Environment Minister Terry Lake, "is it still this government's priority to update the Water Act?"
October 2012
This webinar offers perspectives on current and emerging water and energy priorities in British Columbia and beyond. 
June 2012
The recording of the WSP's June 18th public lecture, "Navigating Our Water Future: Lessons from Australia and Europe," is now available online!
May 2012
This webinar offers a perspective on current and emerging water challenges and priorities across Canada, and illustrates the interrelatedness of many water issues common to all Canadians.
March 2012
This webinar explores the interconnections and interdependencies between water and energy, focusing on priority and emerging issues in regions across North America.
January 2012
This webinar highlights western Canada's current water challenges and priorities for the future, with a particular focus on water policy developments in British Columbia and B.C.’s Water Act Modernization process.
October 2011
This webinar outlines the need for a new paradigm of rainwater management in Canada’s urban environments and looks at positive policies and initiatives already underway in communities across the country and beyond.
September 2011
This webinar explores the benefits of collaborative water governance and summarizes lessons learned from the EU that could be applied in Canada.
February 2011
This webinar examines if and how environmental flows are being adequately met in Canadian rivers.

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