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Webinar—Indigenous Water Initiatives: Achievements and Capacity Gaps
March 2017
New Report by POLIS: Top 5 Water Challenges that will Define British Columbia’s Future—Article on Waterbucket Blog
September 2016
Report urges better B.C. planning on water—Article in Vancouver Sun
September 2016
POLIS Affiliate Deborah Curran named REFBC 2016 Land Champion—Press Release from REFBC
September 2016
As B.C. Awakens to New Water Realities, Research Illuminates a New Governance Path Forward—Article in BCWWA's Watermark Magazine
August 2016
Forum This Fall to Explore New Approaches to Freshwater Decision-Making in B.C.—Article on Waterbucket Blog
June 2016
Forum This Fall to Explore New Approaches to Freshwater Decision-Making in BC—Article in Multiple Newspapers 
June 2016
Council of Canadians report pans B.C.'s new Water Sustainability Act—Article in The Province
February 2016
Webinar—Awash with Opportunity: Sustainability in BC’s New Water Law
January 2016
Awash with Opportunity: Ensuring the Sustainability of British Columbia's New Water Law—Article in BCWWA's Watermark Magazine
January 2016
David B. Brooks reviews Governing Trasboundary Waters—Article in Water International
November 2015
Webinar—Environmental Flows: Towards Protection in Canada and B.C.
October 2015
Decision-Makers' Brief—Building Capacity to Build Trust: Key Challenges for Water Governance in Relation to Hydraulic Fracturing
October 2015
What Canada can learn from California’s drought and groundwater laws—Article in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine
October 2015
Regional Snapshot Report—Building Capacity to Build Trust: Key Challenges for Water Governance in Relation to Hydraulic Fracturing
October 2015
City of Desert Plants? Even in Victoria, City of Gardens, people are trimming water use—Article in Vancouver Sun
September 2015
Webinar—Evolution in Transboundary Watershed Governance: Lessons from the Mackenzie Basin
September 2015
Op-Ed—Managing B.C.’s water resources: We have a long way to go before water rents attract international trade claims
July 2015
The Value of Water on the West Coast — And Why California Is So Screwed—Article in Vice News
July 2015
Interview: An environmental law professor’s take on B.C.’s pricing of groundwater—Article in The Globe and Mail
July 2015
Tsilhqot’in Nation v B.C.: Summary of Panel Discussions on the Supreme Court of Canada Decision
July 2015
Have Your Say: How can we each conserve more water this summer?—Article in The Globe and Mail
June 2015
Op-Ed—Apples and oranges? Lessons for B.C. from California’s drought and groundwater law reform
June 2015
Interview: Laura Brandes on public engagement in the development of B.C.'s Water Sustainability Act—Article in Water Canada
June 2015
The water wars begin in parched California, as the rich fight drought restrictions—Article in National Post
June 2015
Webinar—Make Some Noise: Media Engagement and Water Law Reform
June 2015
Water Sensitive Urban Design: Reflections by Australia's Peter Coombes about the journey Down Under to a resilient future–Article in Partnership for Water Sustainability in BC Newsletter
May 2015
“How do we design and implement new paradigms to achieve more sustainable and resilient outcomes?"–Article on Waterbucket Blog
May 2015
Prices, Water and Innovation? The potential of BC's new water rentals system—Article in BCWWA's Watermark Magazine
May 2015
Water levels and ecosystems around Golden affected by climate change—Article in The Golden Star
April 2015
Outrage boils over as B.C. government plans to sell groundwater for $2.25 per million litres—Article in Multiple Newspapers
March 2015
Flashback to 2005: "Convening for Action in British Columbia" initiative launched 10 years ago—Article on Waterbucket
February 2015
Governance of Aquatic Systems: What Attributes and Practices Promote Resilience?
February 2015
Province raising prices but not 'selling' water with new rate schedule—Article in The Vancouver Sun
February 2015
Companies will now have to pay for B.C.’s groundwater - but is it enough?—Article in The Province
February 2015
Using demand elasticity as an alternative approach to modelling future community water demand under a conservation-oriented pricing system: An exploratory investigation
January 2015
Water Sustainability Act – Water Leaders identify two critical issues essential to the success of implementation—Article on Water Bucket Blog
December 2014
Webinar—Aboriginal Co-Governance of Water and Watersheds
November 2014
Interview: Oliver M. Brandes on Watershed Governance in B.C.—Article in Water Canada
September 2014
When Opportunity Splashes: Watershed governance as the future of Canadian communities—Article in Municipal World
August 2014
B.C. replaces its 105-year-old water legislation—Article in The Province
May 2014
B.C. residents value their water, concerned about sustainability—Article in Cowichan Valley Citizen
February 2014
90% of British Columbians believe water our most precious resource—Article in The Province
February 2014
Top minds get up-close look at Valley watershed—Article in Cowichan Valley Citizen
January 2014
POLIS Water Act Modernization Submission on Province's "Legislative Proposal for B.C.'s Water Sustainability Act"
November 2013
World watching how B.C. wrestles with how to protect drinking water—Article in The Province
September 2013
B.C. Could Be a Global Leader in Freshwater Protection: Report—Article in Water Canada
July 2013
CFAX Radio—WSP's Oliver M. Brandes on Freshwater Leadership in B.C.
July 2013
The State of the Water Movement in British Columbia: A Waterscape Scan & Needs Assessment of B.C. Watershed-Based Groups
July 2013
Interview: Linda Sheehan on Rights of Waterways—Article in Water Canada
June 2013
Water profits spilling into private hands—Article in Richmond News
June 2013
Industry not paying fair share for water—Article in The Tyee
June 2013
New report critical of water management in BC—Article on 890CJDC
June 2013
The water-energy nexus—Article in International Water Power and Dam Construction Magazine
April 2013
Inventory And Research Survey Summary: Needs And Priorities of Watershed-Based Groups In British Columbia
March 2013
The Water-­Energy Nexus: A Western Canadian Perspective, University of Victoria Roundtable on Water Issues Summary Report
December 2012
Building Blue: Forging a path to reduce the residential water footprint—Article in Water Canada
November 2012
CAVI Forum at Vancouver Island Economic Alliance (VIEA) Summit—Article on Waterbucket
October 2012
Interview: Ben Parfitt on the water-energy nexus—Article in Water Canada
September 2012
Ottawa River cleaner than many capital rivers around the world—Article in Ottawa Citizen
August 2012
When the Water Dries Up: Lessons from the Failure of Water Entitlements in Canada, the U.S. and Australia
June 2012
Think Like a Watershed: How would watershed governance change if we made decisions from an ecosystem perspective?—Article in Water Canada Magazine
May 2012
Applying water soft path analysis in an agricultural region of Canada—Water International Article
November 2011
Environment commissioner anticipates federal action to improve freshwater monitoring—Article in The Hill Times
June 2011
COMPARISON: Proposed Water Sustainability Act (2010) AGAINST ENGO Statement of Expectations (2009) AND Living Water Smart (2008)
March 2011
Worth Every Penny: Conservation-oriented water pricing—Article in Water Canada
September 2010
A book conversation between the editors and a reviewer: “the soft path approach”
August 2010
Worth Every Penny: A Primer on Conservation-Oriented Water Pricing
May 2010
Video Presentation—Ontario's Water-Energy Nexus
April 2010
Review of "Making the Most of the Water We Have"
January 2010

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